Seven Smart Tips for Women in 30s to Stay Healthy

A life full of personal and professional commitments can often adversely affect the health of women in their 30s. Most of them are the decision makers of their homes. Hence they cannot let the stress catapult on their health system to make them weak. Following are few tips that will help women to have a proper focus in their lives towards a healthy routine:

Power Nap

Women should get good sleep for a healthy, energized and active mind and body. If it gets difficult to cover seven to eight hours of sleep at night, try to take ten to fifteen minutes of power nap daily between your work.

Drink Sufficient Water

Women should drink eight-ounce glasses of water to maintain a healthy and detoxified body. Water also does wonders to maintain a clean, radiant looking and healthy skin. For this, you can also include fruit juices in your evening snacks.

Skin Moisturizer & Sunscreen Lotion

Weather conditions can either make or mar your skin. Depending upon the oil content of your skin, use moisturizers regularly to replenish your skin. If you are out in the hot sun, use sunscreen lotion to avoid the ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin. Excessive heat can also increase the chances of cancer and cause premature aging of skin. No matter how strict or busy your schedule is, do not ignore these small yet significant tips to maintain a healthy life.


Whether you are running on-the-toes as a mother or career oriented wife or an ambitious daughter, it is imperative to take rest. Indulge in sauna bath, dancing, snorkeling and any such activity that helps you rejuvenate and feel fresh. Break the monotonous routine and jump into adventures if that is what helps you seek relaxation.

Fitness Regime

It often is a challenging task to incorporate workout session in the daily routine for women in 30s. Some of them are too preoccupied with their children and some are heavily inclined towards their professional lives. Why should we put our health at stake when we know so many people rely on us? Hence it is important to perform exercises, yoga or even occasional walk to maintain an active and fit body.

Eat Healthy

Women tend to fall sick to osteoporosis. Hence it is essential for women in 30s to include a calcium and vitamin rich diet in their lives. You should avoid relying on supplements. Instead you should consume more of whole grains, milk and milk products, green leafy vegetables and fruits for a healthy body. These types of food helps you become strong and reduce the probability of the immune system from becoming weak. You can also stroll down the lane in the sunshine of the early morning to catch up on some vitamin D.


The last but equally important is for women to be happy and positive. Keep yourself away from all kinds of stressful situations by following less hectic schedule. As the saying goes, ‘a woman is not completely dressed until she wears the smile on her face’.