Yoga for Treating Insomnia

Insomnia and lack of sleep are very common problems nowadays and normally these problems are treated through taking sleep aid medications. The pharmaceutical companies made people believe that drugs are the best solution to deal with insomnia. Although there are people who don’t need to sleep recommended 7-8 hours to be energetic because for them it is enough to sleep only a few hours each night, this does not matter when the profits are worth billions of dollars. We suffer from sleep deprivation if we don’t get eight hours. People are convinced that they should take drugs.

How Yoga can help with insomnia

Nevertheless, our society is used to take drugs as a treatment for almost every condition there are also other methods that can be helpful. One of them is yoga. It is one of the mental and physical practices that originally emerged in the East. It includes meditation and performing special postures while breathing in a certain way. The main aim of yoga is to learn how to concentrate and deeply relax mind and body. Yoga can help to manage the most common causes of insomnia which are stress, depression and anxiety and therefore help with insomnia. When a person learns how to control his emotions he then will be able to return to a normal sleeping.

If you are scarred that you won’t fall asleep that will most likely become a self-fulfilling prophesy. The reason for that is stress that produces hormone cortisol which affects the work of adrenal glands. Activated adrenal glands awaken the body at the wrong time and can make the brain active when it is not needed. Correctly directed, yoga pacifies both mind and body so that it is easier to fall asleep. Obviously, yoga doesn’t work immediately as do pills. You will need to practice yoga several times to teach body how to enter into the meditative state. Once you become fully relaxed you should go to bed and sleep. The main idea is to unwind and get completely relaxed. Ideally, try Yoga Nidra; it is a type of yoga where a very deep relaxation is practiced which is very similar to the state of sleep.

Yoga effects

At some point, this use of yoga exploits its main emphasis on faith-healing, which means that you make yourself believe that what you do will bring you certain physical results. Training your mind to be focused like that is a great alternative to long-term use of sleeping pills, such as ambien. Now contemporary scientific research approves the fact that our mind is powerful enough to control physical feelings. You can also think about Cognitive Behavioural therapy which generally aims the same as yoga. It’s up to you, whether you want to learn the spiritual practice originated in the Eastern culture or you can simply try the Western approach of Cognitive Behavioural therapy. These methods both are able to train mind to fall asleep naturally without drugs and sleep for as long as your body needs it. If you see that five or six hours of sleep are enough, it is absolutely fine so you just need to accept this as it is. There is no reason to panic if you do not know where to get the Ambien online. Just agree with how your body works. There would be no point in forcing it to be something that others except. You are in command of your body.